An apple is the mostPopular Fruit

a source of useful for human substances. We grow apples using intensive garden technology. The quality of the fruit are higher than in the classical gardeny!

WHY organic apples is so good?

Always fresh

We always offer fresh products so that you could eat healthy food.

Modern Farm

Our farm combines modern technologies, innovations.

Our garden consists of such apple varieties as

is the American variety of apples, one of the best known and has very sweet dessert taste and a sweet aroma.   Read more here.
is the Japanese variety of apples, is very sweet, delicious and crispy, the third most popular variety of apples in the world . Read more here.
belongs to the winter group, has pronounced sour taste, and is well tolerated by long-term storage and transport. Read more here.
is one of the top three most popular varieties of apples, very juicy and crunchy, sweet and has sour taste. Read more here.
is a new winter Canadian variety of apples, with a sweet taste, similar to a pear. Read more here.

Our gardens

We grow only apples, because only they bring real benefits for your body. Organic apples free of pesticides, you can enjoy them and receive only nutrients for your health. Eat healthy organic apples from our gardens and be healthy!

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