What are intensive gardens?

Intensive gardens are high-tech, high-performance and low-cost gardens, which have the best quality of the produced fruits. These are modern gardens that are common in most European countries, southern regions and the central zone of Ukraine.

An intensive garden is a garden with over 3,000 trees per hectare. The quality of the fruit is higher than in the classical garden. Such a garden more than doubles the economic efficiency of production, plantations come into fruition in the third year.

Apples contain: Vitamin A (strong antioxidant and means of fighting infections, necessary for normal metabolism, bone formation and epithelial tissue repair). Vitamin A in apples is 50% more than in oranges. Vitamin C (regulates blood clotting, normalizes capillary permeability and increases resistance to infections).

An intensive garden needs a lot of responsibility, highly qualified staff and much higher cost than the classic. Such a garden requires intensive treatment, systematic irrigation, fertilizer application and a special system of cutting and tree formation.

So, the transition to intensive types of gardens is economically inevitable and will ensure the industry’s competitiveness in global and domestic markets through high-quality fruits.

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