The Fuji apple

The Fuji apple is a Japanese variety of apple, has a hard, crunchy flesh and a sweet taste, the third most popular type of apple in the world. The fruit is bright, perfectly shaped, the dream of every gardener.

The Fuji apple weighs between 140 and 250 grams, the shape is round and slightly elongated, the surface is smooth. The main color is yellow-green, the flesh is quite dense, crispy and juicy. The apple is very sweet and tasty. The longer the fruit stays on the tree, the sweeter it gets.

The Fuji apple was discovered at the Tohoku Research Station in Morioka in 1939, and it became available for cultivation in 1962.

Why is it called Fuji? There are two versions: 1. In honor of the Fujisaki village, near which is the Tohoku station. 2. In honor of the sacred for the Japanese mountain Fuji.

Scientists have set themselves the goal of developing a low temperature tolerant variety. And they succeeded. The Fuji apple is quite popular outside its homeland. Most of Fuji apples from our stores come from China. However, this variety is successfully grown in Krasnodar Krai, as well as in the middle strip of Russia. The climate of the southern regions of Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus is suitable for the Fuji apple. After Japan, the Fuji apple steadily spread across China and Korea, in the United States, where it became a commercial sensation in 1980 and since has grown in such states as: New York, Washington, California, Michigan. Fuji is also common in Australia, India, Brazil, and Europe with warm climates – Italy, Greece, Spain, South France.

The Fuji Apple can be eaten directly from the tree, it differs from others by its impeccable taste and beautiful appearance. The fruit of the Fuji apple is savoring all over the world and is a leader among others


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